Approval process OT protocol 1.1.0 started in three phases

According to the statutes of our association, changes go through an internal review and coordination process. Since the extensions and changes to version 1.1.0 were very extensive, the new, 3,000-line OT protocol 1.1.0 goes through a complex 3-stage approval process, the completion of which is planned for Q3.2020.

Stufe 1 – „Reviewing“ Phase bis 30.06.2020

In level 1, association members have the opportunity to check and assess the code base. A newly provided software tool for working together on such projects has created extensive options for planning, testing and developing. Feedback, suggestions for changes and comments are bundled centrally and subsequently checked and processed. At the end of the reviewing phase, the members will vote for the final approval at the end of June this year.

Stufe 2 – Neues OpenTelematics Protokoll 1.1.0 geht an den Start

After voting by the members, the approval and publication of the new minutes follows. in the Login all information is available and can be used for integration in the respective projects.

Stage 3 - Practice phase

In this phase, the protocol should be used in as many different applications as possible under real conditions. With the experience gained from this, we can optimize the protocol, eliminate errors and plan future expansions. We plan to complete this last phase by the end of 2020. During this phase, work on the code can continue and ideas for the future expansion of the OT protocol can be gathered. An association conference will then vote on the next development steps.


New association members

In the past few months, other companies have joined our idea and confirmed their commitment with membership. In total, our association currently has 41 supporters. We strive to publish all members on our website as soon as possible. Hier geht’s zur aktuellen Übersicht.

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