Our Goals

"Far be it from us to have commercial ambitions"

The formulated goal of the association is an open technology and development partnership between providers of telematics solutions, industry-related software and hardware manufacturers, as well as providers and users of the technology.  A primary goal is the development of a standardized protocol for the transmission of telematic data, as well as their exchange with different software and basis technologies, under the model "co-operation with standards, competition with the conversion".  For this we will work out and jointly define uniform software architectures with uniform description and configuration formats for embedded software in the telematics market. OpenTelematics e.V. - Verband der Telematik is an independent association representing the interests of telematics providers as well as software and hardware manufacturers and does not pursue any commercial goals. The topics of interest to the association can be defined in the areas of standardisation, technology, legal certainty and other areas that serve the interests of the association members.

Standardized data

The digital exchange of mobile order and telematics data internally and beyond company borders is often not possible for users at all or only with disproportionately high investments. The necessary interfaces to existing ERP or transport management systems often have to be implemented by solution providers at great cost and time. The standard interface developed by OpenTelematics now enables customers to better exploit the potential of digitization, and projects can be implemented much more quickly. A harmonised basis will be created for all solution providers and users to digitise mobile data and exchange it as easily as possible.

Technology for innovation

Under the motto "Cooperation in standards, competition in implementation", software architectures with harmonized description and configuration formats for embedded software in the telematics market are to be developed and jointly defined. The association is addressing manufacturers and providers of telematics solutions as well as industry-related software companies. The basic interface developed by OpenTelematics is to be actively optimized and extended by association members. The association does not pursue any commercial interests and sees itself as an open platform on which ideas and technologies are jointly developed and designed.

Law and data protection

As part of its association work, OpenTelematics and its members define a standardized and documented interface. The use of the OT API and corresponding services is regulated in a license agreement with each member. The technical implementation and related legal provisions are the responsibility of each member. Member information and master data are processed and stored exclusively in Germany in accordance with DSGVO.

Members interest

OpenTelematics - Verband der Telematik considers itself to be a representation of the interests of manufacturers and providers of telematics solutions as well as industry-related software solutions. He also wants to channel the interests of technology users and integrate them into the association's work. The aims of the association are to be achieved in particular through open communication between the members of the association and active dialogue with industry, the public and politics. Within the framework of regular working teams, topics from the fields of technology and standardisation are to be dealt with. Experiences of users, solution partners, software companies and hardware manufacturers should be integrated into the working groups. Interested parties may submit a written application for membership to the Executive Board. The Executive Board decides on the admission of a member after hearing the Supervisory Board with a simple majority of its members.