Our customers and we faced the same challenges.

The digital exchange of mobile order and telematics data internally and beyond company borders is often not possible for users at all or only with disproportionately high investments. The necessary interfaces to existing ERP or transport management systems often have to be implemented by solution providers at great cost and time.

The association OpenTelematics e. V., newly founded by four telematics specialists in 2018, is therefore committed to the simple exchange of logistics data.

The founding members Jens Uwe Tonne, CEO of Couplink, Daniel Thommen, Chairman of the LOSTnFOUND Group, Hans-Jörg Nolden, Managing Director of Navkonzept, and Thomas Gräbner, Sales Manager of YellowFox, developed a software-independent, uniform standard interface.

The standard interface creates a uniform basis for all solution providers and users to digitize and exchange mobile data.

The idea of our own association was born during NUFAM 2017. We have noticed that we and above all our customers face the same challenges.

Customer projects stagnated or often took a long time, as the interface connection to the primary system had to be carried out first. However, many companies are still downright afraid of digitization. After many intensive discussions, it was therefore clear that the know-how would be bundled in one association and a common solution would be created for all companies that generate mobile data.

The standard interface developed by OpenTelematics now enables customers to better exploit the potential of digitization, and projects can be implemented much more quickly.

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Only if as many solution providers as possible make use of the new standard can digitization ultimately be driven forward in the broad masses. Then users will be happy about time and cost effective solutions and manufacturers will remain competitive in the long run.