"Cooperation on standards -
Competition in Implementation."
Association Bodies

Introducing ourselves

During the NUFAM 2017, the current governing bodies met and realized that the telematics industry is facing the same conditions and problems on the side of the manufacturers as well as on the side of the customers. This common ground strengthened the cooperation and led to the foundation of the association in 2018. Through their work in the areas of vehicle tracking, telematics solutions and mobile software solutions, they are well prepared for the upcoming tasks at OpenTelematics.

The association OpenTelematics e. V., newly founded by four telematics specialists in 2018, is therefore committed to the simple exchange of logistics data.

The founding members Jens Uwe Tonne, CEO of Couplink, Daniel Thommen, Chairman of the LOSTnFOUND Group, Hans-Jörg Nolden, Managing Director of Navkonzept, and Thomas Gräbner, Sales Manager of YellowFox, developed a software-independent, uniform standard interface.

Thomas Gräbner

Chairman of the Board

Geschäftsführer m.a.p. GmbH | MINZE AUFS PAPIER

Daniel Thommen

Supervisory Board

Founder and Managing Director of the LOSTnFOUND Group.

Jens Uwe Tonne​

Supervisory Board

Co-owner and member of the board of Couplink Group AG.

Hans-Jörg Nolden

Supervisory Board

Managing Director of AddSecure Smart Transport GmbH.
Interest aroused

Become a member of the association

We are looking forward to further members from the telematics and software industry. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us to apply for membership. After confirmation of the application and acceptance of the statutes of the association, nothing stands in the way of your membership. The use of the interface protocol is licensed by you for the duration of the membership.