OpenTelematics interface completely revised - OT protocol 1.1.0 in the approval process

Since the start of our project, the source code of the OpenTelematics interface has steadily expanded. Numerous association members actively contributed their ideas and developments. The “organic” growth resulted in different “dialects”, inconsistencies and also small errors. Individual areas of the code were created very individually and did not always correspond to common standards.

We have therefore decided to completely overhaul the 3,000-line code.

The entire code base has been abstracted so that changes only have to be carried out once and are consistently throughout. Numerous field names, default values, etc. have been adapted and are now uniformly defined everywhere. The use of different authentication methods is possible in the revised protocol.

The complete source code with extended documentation is now available via an online platform for software development and version management. Here the association members can plan, coordinate, test and monitor the joint software project. Everyone involved can safely work on the code, manage it and integrate extensions without disrupting the actual workflow. Changes are documented in "release notes". Communication about the project, coordination and Approval processes realized.

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