Members add new functions to OT Protocol

After the approval of the last OT protocol version 1.1.0, the “Order” working group consisting of the members TIS Information Systems, FleetBord Logistics, NetFactory, BDK, Couplink and by LOSTnFOUND is actively involved in the further development of the existing interface protocol.

In the "OT Extended Order" project, future standards for the extended processing of, among other things, complex tour and shipment information were developed. The goal was defined to process order information down to shipment and activity level and to integrate it into an overarching standard.

The results will shortly be finalized, documented and prepared for the approval process by all association members. A 6-month process with numerous web conferences, exchanges of ideas and numerous hours of work is slowly coming to an end. We are now planning to release an extended version of the protocol. An important milestone was achieved through the active participation of individual association members.