Erstes Meeting des Telematik-Verbands

First meeting of the telematics association

In der Printausgabe der Telematik Fachzeitung The print edition of the telematics trade journal reported about the first meeting of OpenTelematics e.V.. The main topic was our association's activities. Because we have made it our task to constantly further develop the telematics interface that we have developed and that can be used jointly.

Under the guiding philosophy "Cooperation in standards, competition in implementation" we see ourselves as a platform for the active exchange of ideas and the further development of technologies.

Because the challenges we all face can first and foremost be mastered successfully together.
If you are also interested in taking the lead in advancing digitisation in the telematics sector, we look forward to receiving your membership enquiry!

Artikel „Weiterentwicklung der offenen Telematik-Schnittstelle“ | S. 9

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