Weiterentwicklung von Version 1.0 der Telematik-Schnittstelle

Further improvement of version 1.0 of the telematics interface

A few days ago the first association meeting of the young OpenTelematics e.V. took place, which already has 20 members (most recently Agheera). At the meeting in Düsseldorf, Daniel Thommen, head of LOSTnFOUND and founding member, said that he was particularly interested in the first version of the common telematics interface. It is the core topic of the association and is intended to greatly simplify the cross-system exchange of telematics data. Agheera) zählt. Auf dem Treffen in Düsseldorf ging es Daniel Thommen, LOSTnFOUND-Chef und Gründungsmitglied, zufolge speziell um die erste Version der gemeinsamen Telematik-Schnittstelle. Sie ist das Kernthema des Verbands und soll den systemübergreifenden Austausch von Telematik-Daten stark vereinfachen.

The development of a jointly usable telematics interface is the top priority of OpenTelematics e.V. - at the meeting in Düsseldorf, the first version was made available to the members, including many tested providers of the TOPLIST of telematics. On the basis of this interface the development is to be pushed now.

In addition, concrete working groups were planned within the association. Within these groups, the focus is on specific sub-areas of the interface in order to expand the technology in detail. According to Daniel Thommen, the current five working groups are currently dealing with order management and tachograph data, among other topics. These are to be published by the end of February.


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