Working group "Order" provides impetus for revised OT protocol

For the past year, individual members have been actively involved in the "Order" working group. They have extended the existing protocol version of the OpenTelematics API with essential elements of order and tour data processing. The goal was to enrich the existing basic version 1.1.0 with further functionalities and to publish an extended release at the end of 2021.

Roadmap for new OT protocol version 2.0.0 is available

During the work on the protocol extensions "Order", "Driver Activity" and "Tour Management", among others, fundamental processing questions arose. These were taken as an opportunity to check the entire API in the present basic version. It turned out to be necessary to transfer the very well developed standards of the new area "Order" to all elements of the OT protocol. Particular emphasis was placed on using already established standards as extensively as possible, as well as future extension options. The following is an excerpt of the decided adjustments for the new version 2.0.0:

  • Migration to Open API Specification Ver. 3
  • ETag header for e.g. better caching of GET requests
  • New tour management for very complex logistics processes
  • Unified EndPoint structure
  • Webhooks and Webkook Subscription
  • and much more

Our API will thus be brought up to a very good standard, uniform resource management will be integrated, and all details of communication between multiple partners have been thought through. Thus we are well prepared for the future. A detailed list of the planned adjustments in the future OT protocol can be found in the attached document.