Use of the OpenTelematics interface at Pfahler

The telematics provider Navkonzept and the online platform Sixfold realized in cooperation for Spedition Pfahler realized an integrated solution offering customers the possibility of real-time vehicle monitoring, benefiting from the OpenTelematics interface. Pfahler's customers can now access the arrival time (ETA) of "their" vehicle dispatched by Pfahler in real time via Sixfold's online platform. The forwarder's fleet is equipped with the NavBasic tracking system from Navkonzept, which transmits the trucks' current position data at short intervals. Thanks to the OpenTelematics interface, the solutions from Navkonzept and Sixfold could be connected with little effort and in a short time. Translated with (free version)

The forwarding company Pfahler, based in Dinkelsbühl, is an owner-managed family business that has specialized in part and full loads with 20 of its own vehicles and the use of subcontractors. The simple connection of the various systems ensured low project costs and a fast amortization of the integration solution. The automated data transmission to Sixfold avoids transmission errors and ensures maximum transparency and a high level of satisfaction for the customers of Spedition Pfahler. "Thanks to the uniform interface of OpenTelematics, we can concentrate more on our core product instead of continually integrating new interfaces.", says Hans-Jörg Nolden, managing director of Navkonzept.

Source: Press release Navkonzept