That is why we are a member of OpenTelematics

Agheera has been part of OpenTelematics e.V. since autumn 2018 and is one of the first new members since it was founded. The subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL offers optimization of production and logistics processes using technologies. Among other things, it uses telematics solutions that are perfect for this. We asked the company why it decided to join the association.

Agheera sees the greatest value primarily in increasing efficiencyresulting from the benefits of membership. Using a uniform, standardized interface and being able to help shape it helps the company with everyday work processes. And of course, this also benefits the customers in the end. Because: The products of Agheera, which numerous customers use for logistics and more, are optimized in this way.

Thanks to the interface, the internal developers have more timeto deal intensively and in detail with the challenges of projects and applications. In this way, even more complicated jobs or special requirements such as translations can be managed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, the service and - what customers will also like - the price will improve. Agheera is confident that joining OpenTelematics will produce positive results in many ways.

Are you also interested in optimizing your processes through a standardized interface? you are welcome to apply here for memberschip.