Current further developments of the Open Telematics interface

Joint development of the OT protocol 

The development of the OpenTelematics basic interface for the transmission of telematics data zeichnet sich durch die cooperation different providers from telematics solutions, software and hardware manufacturers as well as providers and users of the technology. True to the motto "Cooperation on standards, competition in implementation" erarbeiten wir eine Lösung, um mobile Daten zu digitalisieren und Logistikdaten möglichst einfach auszutauschen.

In order to enable joint work on the OT source code, we have set up a private repository. Thus, our working groups can access the source code centrally, adapt it and with it actively shape the development of the OT protocol. The OT protocol develops into a living organism, which is constantly growing through creativity and know-how from different areas.

The final extensions and changes are now recorded in release notes and communicated for approval by the association members. This creates a professional and efficient workflow for working together.


Revision of the previous protocol and preparation for version 1.0.5

The OT protocol has been in use for over a year stetig entwickelt und erweitert. Ideas and suggestions from different origins were gradually integrated. In the past, this meant that designations, field types, terms, etc. were not always consistently consistent. That is why we have been working on the standardization, exact description and improvements in abstraction and data structures since last year. The aim is to have this work by 3rd association meeting on March 10, 2020 weitestgehend abzuschließen. Dazu werden wir die neue Version 1.0.5 zur Abstimmung und Freigabe durch die Verbandsmitglieder übergeben.

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