Milestones so far at the 2nd OpenTelematics e.V.

The second association meeting of OpenTelematics e.V. took place as part of the transport logistic 2019 In addition to 26 members, we were happy to have interested experts who wanted to know more about our association work. The board of directors Thomas Gräbner (YellowFox GmbH) took the high number of participants as an opportunity, once again to introduce our goals and summarized the previous milestones. Praxiseinsätze der Open Telematics Schnittstelle. Hans Jörg Nolden (Navkonzept GmbH) gave an insight into different use cases with the members Sixfold GmbH and Agheera GmbH.

Jens-Uwe Tonne presented (Couplink AG) the collaboration tool evaluated within the framework of a working group, which will in future be the central tool for transparent communication in the association and the active working groups. In addition, the meeting was used as an opportunity to exchange ideas about the previous work and future activities of the five working groups. The extension of the interface in the area of ​​"speedometer data" was carried out by the working group of the same name, with the leading participation of Softproject AG and DAKO GmbH, presented and made available for final approval by all members. After an internal review and coordination process, this extension is to be officially transferred to the existing OT protocol in the coming weeks. Finally, Markus Vinke presented (TIS GmbH) previous results and future objectives of the “Order” working group for which he is responsible.

Despite the 34 degrees Celsius, we look forward to a constructive meeting from which we can draw further creative power with new ideas and approaches to reach the next milestones. All participants agreed to continue the work consistently and to come together for personal exchange at least half a year.